Tracey Edmonds and Vanessa Middleton are the Dynamic Duo Behind BET's New Drama Series Games People Play!

Audra Lowe chatted with the executive producers just before the show's big premiere. On what made Edmonds decide to bring this show to BET, the producer says her goal is to produce things she herself wants to watch.

"I felt like TV needed a really good, juicy nighttime soap," Edmonds says. "And that's what this is."

The Dream Team

Edmonds says she is "blessed" to to be working with a team of "amazingly talented and smart women," including Angela Burt-Murray, author of the book Games Divas Play, and showrunner Vanessa Middleton.

"The cool thing about this show is that you're gonna have a lot of drama, but we have a lot of fun moments and a lot of funny stuff that goes on."

Women in Hollywood

It's a good time for women in Hollywood, according to Edmonds, who says there are a lot of new commitments from studios and networks for diversity -- both in front of and behind the camera.

"A lot of women are finally having a chance to tell their stories, and on Games People Play, we have really strong female characters. We have a chance to really see some really smart females do their thing in the show."

Edge of Your Seat

Showrunner Vanessa Middleton, known for her work in comedies, says Games People Play was an exciting venture for her.

"I'm actually a drama, mystery, soap opera lover. It was kind of my guilty pleasure. Then it became my favorite type of show to watch. This is an opportunity to do that type of show, but do it with young, black characters."

Middleton says even she is hooked on the soapy storyline of Games People Play!

"Within every act, with every commercial break, and the end of every episode, there's a cliffhanger that makes you wanna come back."

Opportunities for Storytelling

The showrunner says with all the different outlets and new digital platforms in the entertainment landscape today, there has never been a greater opportunity to tell stories.

"We are at peak television, as they say. So they kinda had to let everybody in. What I love is women of color, to me, are doing some of the best work right now."

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