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The Game is making its way to the streaming world!

The Game is a spin-off series of the hit CW and BET sitcom, Girlfriends.

The show follows Melanie Barnett as she accompanies her boyfriend into the world of professional football.

In the revival season coming to fans this month, original cast members will be met with some new faces.

Vaughn Hebron stars as Jamison Fields in the revival and shared his excitement, along with his personal connection.

"The fact that 'The Game' is coming back. I was already excited because I started watching that in high school. I kind of grew up with those characters," Hebron said.

The new season of The Game is keeping true to its original plot by addressing a wide variety of social issues like race, gender and class discrimination while also incorporating comedy.

"You'll see a lot of stuff that you loved before, but the new aspect about it is that, it is very modern. [We're] dealing with the issues that are very prevalent in today's society as far as sports, business, athletes, entertainment. It's a lot of those factors in it as well," Hebron said.

Season ten of The Game premieres on Peacock this Thursday, November 11th.

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