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The creator of Downton Abbey has done it again with the brand new series... The Gilded Age.

Julian Fellowes is keeping busy!

With Downton Abbey: A New Era on the way this March, Fellowes is dropping another highly anticipated show.

The Gilded Age is a story about money and class in 1882 New York. Broadway veteran, Claybourne Elder, stars in the new period drama.

"There are definitely 'Bridgerton' like qualities to the show. It's set in the 1880's-1890's in New York, and it's about the old rich and the new rich [and how they] started to collide. The new rich people were so incredibly wealthy that they sort of overtook the social classes. It's a story about those two opposing sides coming together. 'The Gilded Age' is just such an incredible company of people. Julian Fellowes is such a prolific writer. It's incredible, the characters he crafts. It's been absolutely a thrill to be a part of it."

Elder is also currently starring in the revival of the musical Company, which was composed by Stephen Sondheim. The star opened up on his time working with the legend.

"He gave me my first job ever. He took a huge chance on me when I was just some kid with no agent who went to the open chorus call. He was a really wonderful man."

The Gilded Age is streaming now on HBO Max.

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