8021 Holiday Movies

This year, Lifetime is hosting its annual "It's A Wonderful Lifetime," where they will be premiering 30 new holiday movies! Every weekend until Christmas, the network is premiering new movies that we'll be watching all season long.

'Christmas On The Vine'

Christmas On The Vine is about a son and a young marketing executive trying to save his family's wine business. We got the chance to speak to the stars of the film.

Julianna Guill plays Brooke, the marketing executive sent to help the family-owned wine business. She told us:

"It's nice to have something to look forward to, to view that you can trust is going to have a happy ending."

While Guill did not spoil the ending of the film, she assured that this new movie will not end any different from other Lifetime flicks.

Jon Cor plays Tyler, the son trying to save his family's business. He told us:

"We need light-hearted optimism with, you know, depth and integrity now more than ever, I think."

This is exactly why Christmas movies are so popular and so important right now as people struggle through this pandemic.

Playing the nemesis trying to buy out the wine business is Emmy-nominated legend Meredith Baxter.

Christmas On The Vine premieres tonight, November 13th, on Lifetime at 8/7 CT.

'Christmas On Wheels'

Christmas On Wheels is about a young woman in search of her mom's old car. We got to speak to the star of the movie Tiya Sircar about her character Ashley. She said:

"Every Christmas Eve she and her mom would put their Santa hats and drive through the town distributing all these gifts to families in need. They (Duncan and Ashley) go on this adventure of trying to track down the car because it is this cherished family heirloom in the hope that they can sort of revive this special Christmas tradition."

Don't miss Christmas On Wheels premiering tomorrow night, November 14th, on Lifetime.

'The Christmas Edition'

And don't miss The Christmas Edition premiering this Sunday, November 15th.

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