The Kennedy Center

The iconic Kennedy Center will be closing it's doors for a little longer than we expected.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the arts center is postponing all events scheduled for this year including the Kennedy Center Honors. The event is now scheduled to happen in 2021.

Other highly anticipated events that were cancelled include Hamilton, which was scheduled for a 14 week run beginning in May and the National Symphony Orchestra's Opening Night Gala, which was scheduled for September. In addition to the disappointment, the organization estimates it will lose close to $50 million of its income. According to the Washingtonian, the Kennedy Center wrote in a press release about the financial damage:

"As a result of these necessary cancelations and postponements, the Kennedy Center expects to lose an estimated $45.7 million in ticket sales and other earned income during the 2020-2021 season."

However, the center has been transferring their events to online with "Digital Stage" for fans to enjoy. The online events feature new performances, concerts, original stories and more. Next month, the center will expand their digital events with new content and will be hosting socially distant in-person events.

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