The Los Angeles Lakers

Since the Los Angeles Lakers did not get to appropriately celebrate their recent championship, the team will be celebrating on opening night!

The Ceremony

The Lakers will be facing off against the Clippers in tonight's game, but will be given the chance to properly celebrate their recent championship win before hand. The ceremony is set to be broadcasted at 6:30pm tonight by TNT! The team even took to Twitter to post about their excitement sharing:

"Tuesday can't come soon enough"

Lebron James

Lebron James also took to Twitter to share his excitement about tonight's ceremony. However, he also mentions the disappointment he feels about his family, friends, and fans not being actually able to attend it due to the pandemic. He shared:

"WOW!!!! Ring Night man!! It just hit me. Man o Man!!! Hate my family, friends and fans won't be there to witness it though! Nevertheless I can't believe I'm RINGING it up again! #TrulyBlessed #ThekidfromAKRON"

Be sure to check out the game and ceremony tonight!

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