Not Ready For Theaters? Here Are Must-Watch Movies Available Now To Stream | Celebrity Page

With some theaters still awaiting the OK to reopen, many films have been making their film debuts via streaming services. Here are the latest films to watch this weekend from home:


Janelle Monáe stars in this psychological thriller that depicts the modern day society along with slavery in the 19th century on a southern plantation. A successful author, played by Monáe, gets kidnapped back in time and must escape to get back to the present day. Antebellum can be watched on demand now.

'Enola Holmes'

Premiering on Netflix on September 23rd, this mystery film stars Millie Bobby Brown as she plays Enola Holmes, sister of Sherlock Holmes. Enola Holmes is based off of the book series of the same name written by Nancy Springer.

'The Argument'

Also new this month is the relationship comedy The Argument starring Emma Bell. Bell chats with CPTV correspondent Stephen Walker about the film and she explains:

"The premise of this story is that my character and my boyfriend's character get into this argument and want to reenact the exact same night over and over and over again to find out who is right."

The Argument is now playing in some theaters but is also available on demand.


Starring Philip Winchester and Megan Fox, this action movie takes place in Africa where a mercenary must lead a group of soldiers in order to rescue hostages. Winchester, who plays Joey Kasinski tells CPTV's Arthur Kade:

"So Megan Fox leads a team of mercenaries into the African wilderness to do a snatch-and-grab. The snatch-and-grab goes horribly wrong and she gets, her and her team get pinned between a group of terrorists who are trying to get their captive back and they rogue the lion that is trying to pick up the team one by one."

You can watch Rogue on demand now.

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America's Got Talent Season nine Winner Mat Franco celebrated the 6th anniversary of his award winning show in Las Vegas.


Cobra Kai: Season 4 promo

The fists will indeed be flying in the intense fourth season of the Karate Kid sequel series. This new teaser reveals that Cobra Kai will be returning to the All Valley Karate Tournament, which was a fixture of all three Karate Kid movies and promises to heighten the stakes beyond anything seen in the show so far.


Kate trailer

On Wednesday, audiences got their first look at Kate, a new action movie that stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an assassin with 24 hours to live. This dynamic thriller is Netflix's most recent foray into the action genre after the success of Gunpowder Milkshake last month.