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Brian Austin Green, who was originally a contestant on The Masked Singer last season is now moving onto be a judge for FOX's new show.

Green tells our Jaymes Vaughan all we should know about how he became a judge for The Masked Dancer. He shares:

"They had just finished editing my unveiling on Masked Singer as they were putting the panel together for the show Masked Dancer and because they had just recently seen me they were like 'Oh hey, he's really funny and fun, he would be a good panelist on the show!"

Green will be joining host Craig Robinson as well as fellow judges, Ken Jeong, Ashley Tisdale, and Paula Abdul. Green shared his first thoughts when he was approached about the show. He says:

"When they first contacted me and they were like 'Oh, The Masked Dancer!' I was like that seems impossible. How can you possibly look at somebody dancing and figure out who is in that costume? However, they have now streamlined the costumes a bit and made them smaller."

The actor also shared what he hopes fans will get out of watching this new show. He says:

"It's a really good time for families to be able to sit at home and do something as a family. The show is really fun and I really hope people enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it because we loved doing it."

The Masked Dancer is set to premiere on FOX Sunday, Dec. 27.

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Celebrity Page TV

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