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Justin Theroux finds himself fleeing with his family to Mexico as Allie Fox in the new Apple TV+ thriller The Mosquito Coast. While fleeing from the government normally means leaving everything behind, Theroux is taking everything with him!

Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman play Theroux's kids, and a crucial role in the new series. Correspondent Rachel Smith is giving us a closer look with the cast!

Exploring a New Coast

Rachel: "This series so kept me on my toes. Was that part of the excitement, that there were so many twists and turns that the audience kind of doesn't really get to see coming"

Logan: "Yes. I mean, as an actor, it was one of those things where we had so many elements and things to play and learn specific stunts, or ways to drive, and there was so much variety that kept it always very interesting. I mean, I feel very spoiled in that way, because there's just so much to work with that I'm worried about other projects where it's just you know, maybe one layer"

Rachel: "It's going to be like a buzzkill after this, you're like, 'My Dad is not as cool as Justin Theroux"

Gabriel: "Justin was great, I mean, he was so funny the entire time, we were working, I think he kind of, I can be a little bit, like shy, when I'm first meeting people. Especially when I'm working with more seasoned actors, sometimes I think they might have a little bit of an ego, maybe, but Justin was super nice and super open to hanging out at any time, and just talking on set and making everyone feel comfortable. Making us feel like a real family"

And you can catch that real family anytime, with The Mosquito Coast streaming now on AppleTV+!

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