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Disney+ just released the trailer for the newest Muppet series, Muppets Now, and we are so excited to see these guys back on the big screen again!

The Muppets Take On Zoom! 

The Muppets have *officially* re-entered the chat!

A new trailer dropped Wednesday for the newest series in The Muppets franchise. 'Joe from Legal' jumped on the call to accompany the furry friends - and Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on what the Zoom call revealed:

  • Installments of the show will be referred to as "Muppisodes" ("to enhance the IP," as Joe explains).
  • No guest stars will be rotating in clotted cream, despite Gonzo's best efforts.
  • The Muppets' group video calls are just as chaotic as everyone else's, as you'd probably already expected.

The Show's Synopsis

Muppets Now will be sure to entertain the family during quarantine season!

The show is defined as an unscripted series follows Scooter as he gets the gang back together and debuts their new show for the public to watch and enjoy.

But that's not all! Guest stars appearing on the show include RuPaul, Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen, and many more.

Muppets Now will be premiering July 31st exclusively on Disney+!

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