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Fans of "DC Comics" now have a second season to binge.

Fans of "DC Comics" now have a second season to binge.

DC Fans Rejoice! 🙌

Season two of Doom Patrol is streaming now! In today's #InsideLook, we're chatting with three of the stars.

First up... Joivan Wade plays "Victor Stone (Cyborg)" in the hero squad.

"Season one was phenomenal and season two... we just go above and beyond," Wade said.

But who doesn't love a character with 64 different personalities? Diane Guerrero plays "Crazy Jane" and hopes fans can escape to a fun world.

"You see that in every single character... them owning their individual traumas and their individual paths," Guerrero said. "It's a perfect show to watch to connect with through emotionally and also to give you that boost to remain strong."

However, season two is introducing a new member: Dorothy Spinner! Abigail Shapiro plays the complicated character and told us all about her powers.

"Dorothy has the ability to possess and manifest anything she can imagine," Shapiro said. "She has this group of imaginary friends that she doesn't have control over, and they emerge whenever she's overly emotional in some way. Some of these friends aren't always good."

Talking about the new additional to the patrol, Joivan Wade saying...

"Dorothy Spinner is what people needed. She has finally arrived. It's undeniable what she brings to the table and the excitement and the wacky and wild adventure she allows us all to go on."

Doom Patrol is streaming now on HBO Max and DC Universe.

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