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HBO's first season of The Other Two came with massive success in 2019. After the two year break gap between seasons, new episodes are here and our Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade spoke with star Heléne Yorke about what fans can expect.

"Party fun" is back!

With the return of The Other Two, Heléne York shares with Kade her excitement to return to the show. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the star is excited to pick up where things left off in season one.

"It's beyond exciting because we all lost a year of our lives. We were in the middle of it when the pandemic hit and here we are. So I'm so excited for people to see it."

With her character Brooke living in the shadow of both her popstar brother (Drew Tarver) and talk show host mother (Molly Shannon), she is still determined to follow her dreams to be a music manager.

In season two, York tells Kade that comedy veteran Molly Shannon brings a hilarious dynamic to the set. So much so that York has made up a new name for their mom/daughter relationship: Daughterager. The star shares:

"She (Brooke) started season one basically still determined to make it as a music manager and she can't quite get there, so she acquiesces that she's going to manage her mom. So she's becomes the 'daughterager' of her mom, not the momager. I just made up a word on the spot!"

Speaking of Molly Shannon, York shares with us what it's like being around the vet on set, saying:

"She just is always on a joyride of her life. So being around Molly is not only a masterclass in good, easy comedy, it's a masterclass in life."

Season two of The Other Two premieres Thursday, August 26th on HBO Max.

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