Theo Germaine Spills On Season Two Of 'The Politician' | Celebrity Page
The star is giving us the juicy deets on the new season!

Ryan Murphy's 'The Politician' Is Back! 📺

During Pride Month and an election year, it's only fitting that Ryan Murphy's The Politician would drop its second season. Series co-star, Theo Germaine, and A-list castmates Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bette Midler back for the new season!

Theo hopes the season inspires fans.

"I hope it entertains people and I hope it makes people feel smarter, and I hope it inspires people to be vocal," Theo said.

Theo Speaks Out! ❤️

During these important times, Theo is using his voice to spread love and to help others. As an openly transgender actor, the star is using his platform for important change.

"I hope that people are changed by all that's happened, and having a slightly larger platform on social medias can be one way to help get messages across."

The Politician is streaming now on Netflix.

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