Eloise Mumford Talks Female Empowerment In Disney+ Original Show 'The Right Stuff' | Celebrity Page
The new show is taking us back in time, when space exploration was an out-of-this-world concept!

Eloise Mumford Explores New Territory 🌌

It's time to blast off!

Disney+ just premiered their new series, The Right Stuff, based on the best-selling book by Tom Wolfe and the 1983 hit movie of the early days of the U.S. space program.

The show stars Eloise Mumford as the female lead, Trudy Cooper, and follows the Mercury 7 as they ventured off as the first astronauts in space. Trudy Cooper later become a pilot herself, while acting as wife to one of the space astronauts, Gordon Cooper.

"I feel hugely lucky to get to play her, really humbled by it to be honest. She was very ambitious," Mumford said.

The star also highlighted the important strides women have made since the 1950's and 60's.

"Women did not have many rights at the time. It was a really limited club. You look at the space program now, and there's so much more diversity, thank goodness."

Leonardo DiCaprio also worked behind the scenes as an executive producer on the show. The Right Stuff is streaming now on Disney+.

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