Four years after the movie was released in theaters, director Zack Snyder has released an extended version of his 2017 film Justice League, officially called Justice League: The Snyder Cut, available now to stream on HBO Max.

What's Different?

Back in 2016, when this movie was being shot, Snyder had to step away from the project for personal reasons in the middle of filming, leaving Joss Whedon as stand-in director. Whedon, along with many people involved in production and the like, made changes to the film that Snyder wouldn't have made.

He never got to see his film truly come to fruition, just a shell of what he wanted to create.

What to Expect?

Well, like any director's cut, this movie is four hours long. We won't be spoiling the film as soon as it gets released, but in short, there's a new surprise death, lots of changes to CGI, and a new ending.

The film has the same stars, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Clarke, Jason Momoa, and the same general premise, but this time, the movie is executed front to back with Zack Snyder's vision in mind. Many didn't like the original film when it was released, Snyder included, and hopefully this new film gives DC fans something positive to look at.

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