It's the time of year when a tidal wave of TV shows wash over the networks, and NBC is riding that wave! Arthur Kade is on the red carpet talking to the stars of World of Dance, New Amsterdam, Good Girls, Abby’s, and Superstore.

World of Dance

Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, judges of World of Dance, have already proven that this show is a success! Now in their third season, they say that keeping it fresh is a must.

“That just speaks to dancers. Every year it’s bigger; it’s better. Because dancers kind of thrive on just improving,” Ne-Yo says.

New Amsterdam

New to the screen is New Amsterdam, and it seems to be an immediate hit. Freema Agyeman has a theory as to why.

“One of the things our show excels at is bringing out real good debate.”

Good Girls

Suspense is just how we left Christina Hendricks’s character in the season one finale of Good Girls, and that is just how it starts in season two.

“My character has got a gun pointed at my husband ... You literally will find us in the exact predicament that you left us in,” says Christina.


One of the more refreshing additions of 2019 is Abby’s because it is the first show since I Love Lucy to be led by a Cuban woman. Natalie Morales has a feeling that this alone will make this show an instant hit when it premieres March 28th.

“The more TV looks like the people that are watching it, I think that that’s good!”


Superstore, already proven to be a hit, returns March 7th. Nico Santos, who stars as Mateo, has come to learn that no matter what day it is, people always think he is in character.

“‘Are you here for research?’ No I’m here for toilet paper,” says Nico.

Tune in to these NBC shows as they hit the airwaves throughout Spring!

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