The HBO miniseries, The Undoing kept fans on the edge of their seats. Actor Hugh Grant, who plays the role of oncologist Jonathan Fraser, husband to psychotherapist Grace, played by Nicole Kidman, goes missing as a violent murder goes public at the same time, leaving her to question everything she thought she knew. Now that the conclusion has been revealed to viewers, fans get to hear what Grant actually thinks of The Undoing's ending.

Grant gives his take on 'The Undoing' finale:

Hugh Grant sat down for a virtual chat with Sirius XM's Jess Cagle to talk about his role in the HBO series, along with some of his previous film roles. Jess Cagle asks him if he was surprised about the ending and if he was surprised that fans would become so engaged with the series like they have:

"Well, I always like to look at the negative in life and all I thought was they're really enjoying, coming up with theories about who did it, and they're going to be so disappointed that it's a boring old Jonathan, the guy who's been hiding in plain sight all this time."

Cagle also brings up how the series was based on the 2014 novel You Should Have Known, written by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and how the book's title is very fitting for the story's outcome:

"Well yeah and, and really that is the point of the series. It's more than a who done it. It's meant to be about that whole syndrome of, you know, we, we, we don't really know anyone. We think we know the person close to us, but we perhaps we don't at all. And, and which is the lecture, uh, Nicole's psychiatrist, character gives one of her patients in episode one."

Grant then jokes about who he told his wondering friends the killer was, prior to the finale:

"I told them all that it was my mother played by Rosemary Harris, who appeared."

When it came to the actual murder scene, there were a lot of small details that Grant didn't know made the cut or not, along with others that were just too gruesome to include:

"Again, I haven't seen the final cut, so I'm not exactly sure what's in there in a murder sequence, but, uh, I did do some quite strange takes when I was killing her. Do I still close her eyes before I basher? Okay. I do that pretty not do I still spit out some of her brains that have splattered into my mouth?.... I don't think it did get in because it horrified the crews so much is that when I'd finished pummeling her head into a pulp, the doctor scientist in Jonathan was rather interested in her brains and poked around a bit and had a look. And I think it was one of the sound girls said, 'Oh, that's just too much.' Yeah."

Reluctant To Dance In Love Actually

Throughout their conversation, the 2003 film Love Actually is brought up, a film where Grant plays the role of the British Prime Minister. In one scene, Grant is listening to the radio and starts to dance. Looking back, he tells Cagle that he was looking to find a way to have that scene cut out:

"Well, you have to remember, I was looking for any excuse to cut the scene from the film because I dreaded having to freak out, uh, by myself in front of cameras. Stone-cold sober. Uh, but so I just pointed out to Richard Curtis, who'd written it, was directing it that, this music that's playing from the radio in the prime minister's bedroom, for some reason is still playing nice and loud all the way down the stairs and into this reception room downstairs, uh, how does he still hear it and who cuts it off? Why is it suddenly stop just at that moment? So, but he said, uh, 'this is, uh, this is a fantasy. This is a romantic comedy. Just shut up, do it.'"

Grant has proved to be able to portray a wide range of characters, and he has just shown viewers his ability to not only play a dancing Prime Minister, but a killer sociopath, too.

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