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The Vamps Drop Comeback Single 'Married In Vegas' 🎰

It's crazy to think The Vamps burst onto the music scene nearly ten years ago!

However, this band isn't slowing down in 2020. The Vamps recently dropped their new song, "Married In Vegas," which acts as the lead single from their upcoming fifth studio album, Cherry Blossom.

Social Producer Ricky Cornish chatted with the band all about their new single and why they consider this next chapter a rebirth:

"What's bizarre about the song, 'Married In Vegas," is it was actually written after we submitted our album. If it wasn't for being stuck at home, 'Married In Vegas' would have never been written," guitarist James McVey said.

"'Married In Vegas' is the perfect example of a song that is all about being indulgent and it's about doing what you want, and although we can't do it at the moment, you can listen to the song and kind of feel like you can," singer Bradley Simpson said.

"I think we've learned so much in the nine years so far. Hopefully we'll stay young through the music," bassist Connor Ball said.

During the coronavirus pandemic, live touring for all artists is currently on hold. However, the band has found a creative way to perform together with the #BlossomSessions.

"We wanted to kind of find locations that fit the 'Married In Vegas' vibe and the whole 'Cherry Blossom' vibe," drummer Tristan Evans said.

You can stream 'Married In Vegas' today!

PUBLIC Goes Viral With Debut Songs 'Make You Mine' & 'Honey In The Summer' ☀️

The streaming game has gone up like never before in quarantine, which started all the way back in March.

With viral platforms like TikTok taking over during the pandemic, up-and-coming band PUBLIC went viral with their summer breakout hits, "Make You Mine" and "Honey In The Summer."

"We dove into TikTok and kind of explored all these different videos, both romantic, dance... whatever it was." bassist Matthew Carter Alvarado said. "We were like, 'Wow, people are actually resonating with this track.'"

"We were kind of waiting for the right time to put it out and obviously a lot's happened for us in the past year, like our lives have actually changed quite a bit. I think it's the start of a new season for us a little bit," singer John Vaughn said.

The band is also keeping busy in 2020 with live shows on Instagram and writing new music in quarantine!

"It's pretty fascinating how you can actually write a song just over the Internet," drummer Ben Lapps said. "How 2020 is that?"

You can download their new music today!

'American Idol' Winner Nick Fradiani Performs Live Concerts On Topeka 🎤

Nick Fradiani took home the crown during the season 14 finale of American Idol.

Now, the singer is filling up his quarantine schedule with private shows on Topeka!

The service offers multiple opportunities for Fradiani's fans to chat with the musician, watch a personal live concert, or even get a guitar lesson from the star!

"Starting with 'American Idol,' I feel like they really feel like they know you, and then there's something special when it does work and you can see people reacting to it," Fradiani said.

You can learn more about Nick's shows here!

Virginia To Vegas Hits The Music Scene With "Just Friends" & "Betterman" 🎧

Looking to pass some time in quarantine? Simply check out some new artists or new songs!

Just before the world shut down, Virginia To Vegas released his latest EP, A Constant State of Improvement.

Virginia To Vegas opened up about his favorite part when new fans discover his music:

"I live in the world of these songs for so long and then once I like release them, they kind of become less mine, and more everyone else's," Vegas said.

You can add Virginia To Vegas to your favorite summer playlist today!

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