The Voice finale kicked off last night, and the final five contestants sang their hearts out. Each singer repped his or her coach by performing two songs this week, and the competition was fierce! So who will the winner be-- Carter Rubin, John Holiday, Desz, Ian Flanigan or Jim Ranger? Fans are guessing the win might go to Rubin, which would make him the youngest male to win the show.

Carter Rubin: "The Climb" - The Voice Live Finale Part 1

Carter Rubin performed Miley Cyrus' "The Climb."

To find out who is crowned the champion of The Voice, catch the show on NBC at 8 pm!

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Bernie Sanders

As Bernie Sanders sat there on inauguration day looking like a dad who came to see your soccer game, he struck a chord with the heart of the internet, turning that image of him sitting there in those mittens into everything from Renaissance paintings to popular TV shows.


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Selena Gomez

Yesterday was truly a historic day for the United States, as the Trump administration leaves DC, a new era of American government and policy is underway as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris get to work. Most of us probably tuned into the news for the entire day, and for good reason. What took place yesterday shouldn't be taken for granted, as a peaceful transition of power is the cornerstone of the republic. Now that the new administration is fully underway, let's all take a deep breath, relax, and watch some TV. Here's what we're watching today, January 21st.