On Wednesday, Michael Imperioli announced via Instagram that he will be starring in HBO's second season of their critically acclaimed dark comedy, The White Lotus.

The White Lotus season one follows a group of wealthy characters as they vacation at an exclusive Hawaiian resort. Season two is reportedly set in a new location at another "White Lotus" property, with a new cast. Producer, writer, and director, Mike White, is returning to the series to expand on the story with these additions.

Imperioli, most notable for his role of Christopher Moltisanti on the Sopranos, is not only set to be a recurring cast member, but is also the first to be confirmed at all for the second installment of the series. He will be playing Dominic Di Grasso, who's traveling with his recent college graduate son and elderly father. Jennifer Coolidge is also reportedly returning for season two, but it is unclear if her character and story will remain the same.

Even though White will be using the same concept, he does not wish to return to the same stories. He teased the possibility of old characters making cameos in new episodes "Marvel Universe" style, but acknowledged that the plot would have to evolve beyond the cast and location in order to remain interesting to audiences.

White revealed his idea to go international with the new setting but is still working on the fine details. HBO promises there's much to look forward to, with executive vice president, Francesca Orsi, stating,

"We're thrilled to hear where [White] wanted to go next, and can’t wait to keep following him wherever he takes us.”

Many elements regarding White Lotus season two are still unknown, including the release date. Regardless, audiences are excited to see where we're vacationing next, and what the new season will have in store.

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