'Young & the Restless'


After a brief hiatus, The Young & the Restless will be back with new episodes starting Monday, August 10th.

The acclaimed soap resumed taping back in July, after the pandemic had shut down production back in March. According to People, the new episodes will follow Victor and Nikki's family, as they're threatened by a secret; Billy and Lily, as they navigate their new partnership with a shocking scandal brewing; the famous rivalry between Phyllis and Abby; and Sharon's brave battle with cancer.

Here's what to expect in each episode this month:

Aug. 10: Lily and Billy interview Genoa City residents, as they celebrate the anniversary of Katherine's dedication to Chancellor Park.

Aug. 11: Sharon struggles with her new normal following surgery. Billy and Lily disagree on a potential hire for Chancellor Communications. And Phyllis has a bone to pick with Abby.

Aug. 12: Victor and Chelsea put their differences aside to help Adam. Summer reveals her true feelings about Nick and Phyllis' reunion. And Amanda puts the brakes on her budding romance with Nate.

Aug. 13: Jack's parenting advice strikes a nerve with Victor. Adam searches for clues to prove he didn't commit a crime. And Esther helps Kevin prepare for fatherhood.

Aug. 14: Devon bonds with Amanda. Nikki's attempt to keep the peace in the Newman family backfires. And Jack and Ashley are reminded of their family's checkered past.

And this is nowhere near the end for the show! This past January, CBS announced The Young & the Restless was renewed for four more seasons, carrying them into 2024. It is no wonder the show has been the number one rated daytime drama, being on its 47th season dating back to 1973!

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