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The animated sitcom Archer is returning to FX for its 11th season today. Archer is an animated comedy about a dysfunctional organization of secret agents and the show itself has a dedicated following. To celebrate the first episode of season 11, Ranker has three shows you can watch as you anticipate new episode releases.

Rick and Morty

Crazy scientist Rick entertains fans of the showing taking his grandson Morty on twisted sci-fi adventures. This animated series is also a comedy and drums up lots of laughs as Rick and Morty travel through other planets and dimensions in Rick's futuristic car. This show even shares a voice actor with Archer, Chris Parnell.

Rick and Morty has over four seasons and can be viewed on Hulu.

The Boondocks

The Boondocks is an animated series that is a bit less well known. Packed with comedic punches and a good dose of political commentary, this show will definitely appeal to Archer fans. It's about a grandfather moving his two grandchildren from the south side of Chicago to a suburban area (the boondocks). The kids rebel and keep their grandfather on his toes.

The Boondocks has four seasons already and is producing two more which will become available on HBO.

The Blacklist

Unlike the others, this show is not a comedy or an animated series. NBC's The Blacklist is a live action tv series that brings in drama and suspense. Premiering in 2013, the first season begins with global fugitive "Red" teaming up with the FBI to catch a "blacklist" of spies and terrorists which "Red" has made enemies with. Only catch, the wanted criminal refuses to work with anyone except agent Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone.

The Blacklist has eight seasons and can be viewed on Netflix.

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