One on One with Tiffani Thiessen

From 'Saved by the Bell' to 'Beverly Hills: 90210', Tiffani Thiessen left a powerful impression in pop culture. Now she's cooking up something very different -- a new cookbook called 'Pull Up a Chair'.

“I’ve had a passion for food since I was little, learning to cook from all of the amazing women in my family.”

When asked why she chose a book as her next project, she explained that, after rising to fame playing parts on television, this is a chance to share her real self. 

'Pull Up a Chair' is Thiessen's antidote to a modern world in which our busy lives have disconnected us from family and friends. Growing up with family dinners, she sees great importance in bringing the tradition back.

“A beautiful dinner with the people that you love is not just about the good food, but it’s also about connecting and creating memories.”

Of course, we had to ask about a persistent rumor that she was once up for the role of Rachel in 'Friends'. She confirms that she did audition for the role that ultimately went to Jennifer Aniston, but that there is nothing more to the rumor.

As big as that role would have been, it's not the one that she most wishes had come to fruition. What takes the prize? Being a Bond girl during the Pierce Brosnan James Bond era. Another audition that could have added one more iconic role to her impressive collection.

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