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Making her debut in the world of card games and gambling, Rachel Smith had the opportunity to talk to a star of The Card Counter, Tiffany Haddish.

In this new revenge thriller, Oscar Isaac stars alongside his love interest in the film, Tiffany Haddish, playing an ex-serviceman who seeks gambling as a way to escape his troubled past.

Rachel Smith asked Tiffany Haddish what it was like sharing an on-screen romance with Isaac.

"I was kind of surprised too when I saw it because I felt like, we were just like, you know, friends, you know, but then when I saw the movie I was like 'oh no, there's more to it."

Haddish also delved into what it was like working alongside Isaac and having to uptake such serious roles.

"Oscar's just such a phenomenal actor so I'm just watching and learning from him."

Haddish also touched upon what it was like filming a movie with constant twists, turns, and exciting thrills.

"Yeah, it was exciting and it is exciting because I still am a part of it entirely, even though we're done, we're not done, um, everybody has to see it still."

Even more exciting than the project itself was the character Haddish got to assume for the film, La Linda. We jokingly asked Haddish what identity she would take on if she was to enter the gambling scene in real life.

"Tiffnacity. Yes, cause I'm in the city and I'm full of tenacity."

You won't be able to catch Tiffnacity in action but you can surely watch her as La Linda in The Card Counter, in theaters now.

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