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American icon and comedic legend, Tim Conway, is remembered for all the laughs and memories he brought to television.

Now with the publication of a personal memoir from his daughter, Kelly Conway, fans can now cherish Tim in a whole new light.

Kelly Conway's new book, My Dad's Funnier Than Your Dad, reveals what her experiences entailed growing up with one of the funniest and most well-known comedians on American television.

The memoir offers readers a portrait of the archetypal American family, mixed with lots of love and laughs and above all, serves as an ode to her father and mother.

"Most of it is about good stories growing up with my dad and my mom and my five younger brothers, um, and how much fun we had. He's exactly the same as you think he's going to be. He was fun, he wasn't the type to work all week and then come home and sit on the couch and watch TV or sleep in. He was loaded with energy especially for us kids," Conway said.

Conway also touched on the success of her father's career since while at his peak during her childhood.

"'The Carole Burnett Show' was on one end of this corridor, 'Sunny and Cher' were across the hall and 'Three's Company' was next door to them, so I would run over to watch Cher sing," Conway said.

My Dad's Funnier Than Your Dad is out now.

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