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Savannah Guthrie And Al Roker Reunite To Film 'Today' Show

The Today show anchors have finally reunited!

On Tuesday, TODAY Show anchors Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker finally reunited, after months of only virtual contact due to Covid-19. The pair reported together, while still social distancing, from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York!

Today's Episode

On today's episode, Guthrie virtually spoke to Hoda Kotb, telling her there would be a fun surprise on the show. Slowly, the camera began to zoom out of Guthrie and onto Roker, who was social distancing right by her.

Right after, Guthrie said:

"I told you I was bringing the fun. Well, here's the fun right here. Will you believe this? Al Roker! We have been reunited. We did the air hug. We're air kissing."

Kotb was more than excited to see the two together. Through the camera, she told them:

"Please don't have too much fun without us there, you two!"

Roker took to Instagram to share his reunion with Guthrie.

It was definitely a special reunion for all!

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