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Unaired Footage Of Tom Brady Describing What It Takes To Be The Best

The quarterback talks about his story, his rise to GOAT status, and more.

This interview, filmed last year during the production of IWC's Born of a Dream campaign, takes on a new powerfully compelling dimension as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs prepare for the Super Bowl this Sunday against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

This Sunday, Tom Brady will make his 10th appearance in the Super Bowl. Forget the fact that that he has the most appearances by a player, the only team with more appearances is his former one, the New England Patriots. To paraphrase Shaquille O'Neal, let's listen when legends talk:

Humble Beginnings

It seems Brady never lost that starry look in his eyes. From the time he was twelve, he dreamed of throwing the game winning touchdown, of throwing a football exactly like his heroes. Not only does he throw it like his heroes, he's surpassed every single one of them.

Brady is inarguably the most accomplished quarterback, and player, in the history of the NFL. The list of records he holds is longer than this entire article, but here's a few:

  • Most games won by a quarterback in the regular season.
  • Most touchdown passes, regular season and playoffs combined.
  • Most Super Bowl wins and appearances by an individual player.
  • The highest number of game winning drives ever, with 61.
  • The oldest player to win MVP, an award he's won three times.

How He Got Here

But any starry eyed boy needs hard work to achieve such lofty goals. Brady talked about the hurdles and the process he went through to understand what it takes to be the greatest.

Brady's path to the top is not one short of hurdles, either. The NFL's Golden Boy had to walk a harder path to success than most. After having to claw his way into the starting job at Michigan after two years on the bench, Brady was projected to be a first round pick.

But, after a combine performance that deemed him unathletic and physically incapable of performing at an NFL level, he fell all the way to the sixth round of the draft. On the Patriots, he struggled to prove himself capable of being the backup to star quarterback Drew Bledsoe, and rode the bench his rookie year, and half of his second year.

It was only by chance that a season ending injury suffered by Bledsoe gave Brady the starting job. As a starter, completely unseasoned in the NFL, Brady not only lead the Patriots to a playoff berth, but a Super Bowl victory. And, well, the rest is history.

How it Feels to Win it All

If you want to know how something feels, you ask the guy who's done it six times.

When asked about how it feels to win, Brady is quick to credit his teammates, an admirable trait for a man who's quick to be credited by the entire world.

Brady has not been short of incredible teammates in his career. Sporting one of the best offensive lines in the NFL for years, and star receivers such as Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman, as well as a consistently great defense, it wasn't Brady alone that made the Patriots the 20 year envy of the league.

"After all these years, I realize how blessed I am and how fortunate I've been to play with so many players that brought the best out of me. I have a lot of joy, a lot of fun, I love the journey, I love the process."

No Regrets

"I don't think you ever look back in life, and feel bad that you worked as hard as you possibly could. Thinking that you gave it everything that you had, that your mind, your body, your spirit, was in it 100%. I think the regrets come when you don't give it your best."

Brady's approach to hard work and success is almost as famous as the man himself. His TB12 approach, which gives insight into his training regimen, diet, and equipment. And Brady takes his approaches very seriously. His cheat meal has quinoa in it.

You can learn more about IWC's Born of a Dream campaign here.

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