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US Weekly's Christina Garibaldi joins our Sonia Isabelle to dish on some hot topics in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise's Rant

We all heard the leaked tape Tom Cruise berating the crew of the new Mission: Impossible movie for breaking COVID-19 protocols. Garibaldi provides new details as to the fallout the of now infamous rant, saying,

"We hear the crew is walking on egg shells since it happened. An insider does tell us that the crew thinks it had a lot to do with his ego and that good indentations aside, he did not need to rant and rave the way that he did."

Garibaldi continues to say that Cruise does not feel the need to apologize and there is an investigation as to who recorded the rant.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt

US Weekly recently chatted with Katherine Schwarzenegger about her new baby girl, date nights with husband Chris Pratt, and more.

According to Garibaldi, Schwarzenegger is having a great time being a new mom. The couple welcomed their daughter Lyla back in August, and the two have been bonding over raising their baby girl.

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