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British diver and gold medalist Tom Daley was spotted knitting during the women's three-meter springboard final at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. At least he was keeping himself busy!

Daley loves knitting so much, he's even been doing it at the Olympics. The athlete just won his first gold medal in the synchronized ten-meter platform with his diving partner, Matty Lee. A few days later, Daley was in the stands supporting the women divers when people noticed that he was knitting something.

The gold medalist, started knitting as a new hobby last spring when the pandemic hit for something to do while he was stuck in lockdown. He even made an Instagram account to showcase his work where he's amassed over 600,000 followers.

He posted this yesterday answering everyone's question as to what he was knitting in the stands. In the caption he explained that he was working on dog sweaters for some friends.

Watch the Olympic champion/knitter in his next event on August 6th, where he will be competing in the ten-meter platform solo.

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