One on One with Tom Everett Scott

Twenty-three years after the release of That Thing You Do, we sat down to speak with I’m Sorry star Tom Everett Scott about his show, career, and memories from his first movie.

I Hate Kids

Scott’s new film I Hate Kids is hitting theaters now, and centers around a man who wants to live the care-free life ... until he finds out that he has a kid.

“Just reading the title had me intrigued. I Hate Kids is a pretty funny title. I like kids, I love my kids very much, but this is somebody who doesn’t want them in his life, then he finds out he has a kid, so we go on this road trip, and it’s a fun road movie.”

That Thing You Do

Getting a call from Tom Hanks is a great way to start a movie career. That is how Scott was offered a role in his breakout film That Thing You Do, which has gone on to become a cult classic.

That Thing You Do told the story of The Oneders, a young band struggling with sudden stardom in the midst of a hit song. Scott anchored the movie as its charismatic and naive drummer.

The movie was directed by Tom Hanks, who also played the band's manager.

“It was my first movie. I got to learn how to play the drums on that one song. Tom Hanks called me up to ask to be in his movie ... as if I would have said no.”

Naturally, this was a formative experience for Scott as a young actor.

“Afterwards we went to London, and he said the performance was great. He was my hero. He had been such an inspiration for me, and here I was in this dream of a role.”

Be sure to catch I Hate Kids in theaters now, and tune into truTV for season 2 of I’m Sorry.

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