Joseph Poliquin Spills On Working With Tom Hanks & Joseph-Gordon Levitt On His Debut Films | CPTV

Here's what Joseph and Tom taught the rising star behind the scenes!

Tom Hanks Teaches Joseph All About Acting 🎭

Imagine kicking off a career with Tom Hanks by your side!

Joseph learned from the best on one of his motion picture debuts, with Tom offering friendly advice to the new actor on the set of Greyhound.

"I walked away from that set with so much knowledge about acting, that I started booking more gigs and more auditions than I ever had," Poliquin said.

Greyhound is streaming now on Apple TV+ and speaking of more gigs...

'Project Power' Premieres Friday On Netflix 📺

Joseph has another big movie hitting our screens this Friday! Project Power stars Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Jamie Foxx, with Levitt bonding with Poliquin on their ideal superpowers.

"Joseph-Gordon Levitt said that he wanted to be able to fly, because just like me, he's not a fan of planes. Exact reason why I want to be able to fly," Poliquin said.

You could say Joseph Poliquin is flying off as he starts his career in Hollywood!

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Ride 4 Justice: Biking for a Cause

Bikers across New York City are coming together to ride for justice.

The "Ride 4 Justice" event empowering community members to ride in remembrance of lost loved ones affected by police brutality and Covid-19.

Life Camp has partnered with professional BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester for the event.

Sylvester saying:

"Our community is being forced to deal with so many unfortunate and highly stressful realities. This is a time for us to come together and create a generational shift that is critical to our long-term mental health and livelihood."

Earlier this year, Life Camp founder Erica Ford joined us to discuss the importance of healing. The activist shared how vital is to come together in times of trauma, saying:

"We can't see clearly to even do anything in anger, in pain, in frustration, in a broken heart, in so on and so forth. So allow yourself the space to heal, and take a second to just breathe."

The event will kick off September 26th at 1:30 pm. Bikers will start and end at the Life Camp INC. Headquarters in Jamaica, NY.

For more information on the event, visit

Dancing With The Stars is off to a great start in its 29th season, with host Tyra Banks leading the way for the new contestants. In today's segment of Inside Look, we got a chance to chat with DWTS veteran Alan Bersten, who won last season's competition with Hannah Brown.