One-On-One: Tony Hawk Talks 'Pro Skater' Release & 'got milk?' Viral Challenge | Celebrity Page

Now you can skate like the pro virtually and on the ramp!

Tony Hawk Goes Viral 📱

Tony Hawk knows how to ride a skateboard better than anybody!

The pro has won countless competitions since the early 80's and he also reinvented the gaming industry with his Tony Hawk video game series.

Now, Tony has reimagined his classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, which debuted back in the 90's!

Fans of the gaming series can now experience the nostalgia of the first game with enhanced graphics, online multiplayer and the option to create your own park.

Tony hopped on Zoom to give an inside look as to what we can escape in the new game:

"All the original skaters, a lot of the original soundtrack, and the same trick selection and trick controls, so if anyone was a fan of the original series, they're going to be able to pick this up and kill it," Hawk said.

When it comes to in-person skating, Tony's still got it! The star has been going viral on Instagram and TikTok while showing off his latest tricks. You can check out his latest viral video above!

"I kept trying to figure out what would be possible on the skateboard that would visually impressive, so I really didn't expect it to work."

You can download Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 today!

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