Kylie Jenner


From movie stars to all-star athletes, have released their 2020 world's highest paid celebrities list. Did your favorite star make the cut? Take a look below!

25.Taylor Swift, Singer, $63.5 Million

24.Kevin Durant, Basketball Player, $63.9 Million

Kevin Durant

23.Ed Sheeran, Singer, $64 Million

22.Dr. Phil, Television Personality, $65.5M

Dr. Phil

21.The Chainsmokers, Band, $68 Million

20.Jonas Brothers, Band, $68.5 Million

19.Gordon Ramsay, TV Personality/Chef, $70 Million

Gordon Ramsay

18.Ryan Reynolds, Actor, $71.5 Million

17.Ariana Grande, Singer, $72 Million

16.Stephen Curry, Basketball Player, $74.4 Million

Stephen Curry

15.James Patterson, Author, $80 Million

James Patterson

14.Elton John, Singer, $81 Million

13.Bill Simmons, Sports Analyst, $82.5 Million

12.Ellen Degeneres, Comedian/TV Host, $84 Million

Ellen Degeneres

11.Rush Limbaugh, Radio Personality, $85 Million

Rush Limbaugh

10.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Actor, $87.5 Million

The Rock facing John Cena

9.Lebron James, Basketball Player, $88.2 Million

Lebron James

8.Howard Stern, Radio Personality, $90 Million

7.Neymar, Soccer Player, $95.5 Million

6.Tyler Perry, Actor/Director, $97 Million

Tyler Perry

5.Lionel Messi, Soccer Player, $104 Million

Lionel Messi

4.Christiano Ronaldo, Soccer Player, $105 Million

Christiano Ronaldo

3.Roger Federer, Tennis Player, $106.3 Million

Roger Federer

2.Kanye West, Rapper, $170 Million

1.Kylie Jenner, Media Personality, $590 Million

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