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You can always count on the hottest shows to make their debut at San Diego Comic Con. This year we're talking about three new TV series you'll be obsessing over soon -- Manifest, The Purge, and Disenchantment.

Every year you can count on the hottest shows to make their debut at San Diego Comic Con. Naturally, our Jaymes Vaughan has broken it all down to give you the top three new TV shows you'll be obsessing about soon.

Manifest on NBC

Robert Zemeckis is no stranger to time travel, but the writer of Back to the Future's foray into TV is a rare treat. His new series takes a page from LOST, but covers new ground.

Some flights feel like they take forever. The flight in Manifest actually takes 5 years, although only a few hours have gone by for the 191 passengers onboard.

Essentially landing in the future, the time-displaced travelers will have plenty to catch up on, in addition to solving the mystery of their unscheduled trip through time.

Manifest lands on NBC September 24th.

The Purge on USA

After five movies, you'd have to be locked in a panic room to be unfamiliar with The Purge franchise. Taking place over the course of a night when all crime is legal, the cautionary tale is equal parts horror and thriller, with a sprinkling of social commentary.

With 10-episodes to delve into this annual tradition, this TV event series will give us a much deeper dive into how this world works, and how people from different walks of life are affected.

The Purge begins September 4th on USA.

Disenchantment on Netflix

No, this isn't an episode of The Simpsons or a return to Futurama. This is Matt Groening's newest TV series -- Disenchantment. With the creator's familiar style, this series puts a new spin on adult-oriented animation.

Disenchantment is a coming-of-age story set in a Medieval fantasy world. Think dragons and orcs meet Springfield-style humor through the mostly unfiltered lens of Netflix.

You can binge this new series August 17th on Netflix.

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