Celebrity Show-Off


TBS aired the fourth episode of Celebrity Show-Off last night. Real Housewives star Nene Leakes joined in on the fun and here's a recap of the episode.

Get Fabulous Advice From Nene

For her first viral video, Nene Leakes gave out free advice! Leakes set up a drive through advice station as she talked through a megaphone to share advice about keeping fit, staying young and fabulous, acting, and important values and principles she holds. Also, Leakes is not afraid to take a wine break in between advice sessions.

Ja Rule Gets Animated

Rule and his family team up for an animated short callled Ja Rule's Barnyard. The animated short is not up to Pixar standards, but more like Charlie Sheen's infamous Foodfight. In the video short, its Chubb the Pig's birthday party, but he can't be found anywhere. The animated short features animals like a duck, frog, turkey, cow and other exotic animals you don't typically see on a farm searching for Chubb.

Smith Wants Tater Tot Party

It's more shenanigans in episode four of Son-In-Lockdown as Smith wants to throw a Tater Tot party. However, Harley and Austin will not let it happen since Nana and Pop Pop were quarantining in the Smith house. Take a look to see all the craziness the Smith's got into this week.

A TOR-FIC Birthday Bash

To celebrate her birthday Tori Spelling had planned a trip to Hawaii with her family. The trip was cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic, so she threw a virtual Hawaiian backyard party with a tiki bar, balloons, tropical fruit skewers, and more to make it tori-fic! Spelling had surprise guests including Rachel Platten, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, Lance Bass, Tommy and Shelby Chong, and Danny Trejo who also shared the same birthday as Spelling. Spelling got the most views this past week beating Smith who over the past few weeks had the most views.

Mraz’s Coffee Addiction

Back on Jason Mraz's Mragical Mranch, audiences learned Mraz grows coffee berries! However, after eating one too many coffee beans, Mraz has trouble sleeping. Mraz gets help about sleeping from a creepy tree like puppet named Woody.

Another celebrity had to be cancelled! Spelling, Mraz, and Smith had to vote to save Leakes or Rule, but Rule was eliminated and donated his prize money to No Kid Hungry.

Next week Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs will join the show so be sure to check it out!

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