Tracy Lawrence Addresses Mental Health & Downsides Of Fame In New Album | Celebrity Page
The country star is getting candid on balancing fame and family life.

Tracy is showing his personal life like never before.

The singer is releasing a trilogy of new albums as part of the 30th anniversary collection, Hindsight 2020.

"Doing three albums in one year has had its challenges, but I think I'm on the downside hill of it now," Lawrence said.

His second album, Volume 2: Price of Fame, dives into Tracy's vulnerabilities throughout his career.

"The time of being on stage and the time of being in front of the fans and all that stuff... that's the fun stuff. That's the stuff that you live for. What you don't see is the isolation and all the time alone. The missed ball games, the missed dance recitals, the missed anniversaries and the missed birthdays. The people that sacrifice the most are the people that are missing out on your time. The kids were born into it. They didn't have a choice in it. It does affect the people that you love a lot."

Tracy's reflective work comes at a very special time. The trilogy marks 30 years of the singer's career, with his definition of success changing overtime.

"Success is being able to balance work and personal life. There's part of your desire as a young person to aggressively go after what you want to achieve and being young is the time to go do it. But at some point, you have to try and balance things out and be more conscious of the things that are going to make you personally happy."

Volume 2: Price of Fame is available everywhere now.

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