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Fans are ecstatic as the new trailer shows the return of our favorite Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 characters, while also dedicating the upcoming seasons to our essential healthcare workers.

The new trailer for the Season 17 premiere includes a montage of previous and upcoming scenes of the two shows, with the traditional Ellen Pompeo voiceover. In this trailer, Pompeo's character, Meredith Grey, can be heard saying, "We all have heroes. The ones who fight to help us survive." The trailer ends with a montage of real-life essential healthcare workers, with a subtitle reading, "To all essential workers, thank you."

Ellen Pompeo Dedicates Season 17 To The Fallen Healthcare Workers

In an Instagram post, Ellen Pompeo promised to dedicate the season to the 7,000 healthcare workers who have lost their lives from Covid-19. She hopes this season highlights the gratitude everyone feels for our essential workers and brings a sense of "humility and a bit of humor" to our homes.

Other Cast Members Thank Our Heroes

Fellow cast member, Jason Winston George, who plays Ben Warren in both shows, also promotes the new trailer for the season with the caption, "I like knowing there are heroes out there."

Grey's Anatomy has highlighted the ups and downs of life as a healthcare worker throughout their 16 season run by showcasing the personal lives of their characters, within and outside work. Station 19 first premiered March 22, 2018 as a spin-off to the Shonda Rhimes's medical hit, putting their spotlight on the everyday lives of firefighters.

Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 will premiere on Thursday, November 12 at 8 pm on ABC.

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