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Trixie Mattel Calls Out Kylie Jenner for Copying Collection Look

Drag Queen and makeup guru accuses Jenner of stealing her heart-shaped look.

It's #glossgate as Kylie Jenner reveals her new Valentine's Day collection, which fans are saying looks familiar.

Jenner announced last week on her cosmetic brand's Instagram that she's coming out with a new, heart-shaped collection for Valentine's Day. The collection will include an eyeshadow palette, two matte lip kits⁠, lip gloss⁠, lip balm, a pressed powder palette⁠, blush sticks⁠, highlighter, and false lashes⁠.

Another post promoting the heart-shaped lip gloss gave fans a weird sense of deja-vu, until some began calling out Jenner for using the same design as Rupaul's Drag Race star, Trixie Mattel.

Mattel has her own cosmetics line featuring heart-shaped lip gloss, which she says is inspired by her "barbiecore" aesthetic. While promoting her brand, Mattel once shared,

"When people are putting the makeup on, I want them to feel like I did when I was like five-years-old and I was like holding up a My Little Pony and smelling that plastic. I wanted people to feel that as an adult."

When learning of Jenner's new line, Mattel released a TikTok video poking fun at the situation, captioned, "kylie I'm calling the police." She reposted the video to her Twitter with the caption "breaking my silence and addressing the situation.”

A post from Mattel's own cosmetic brand's Instagram page promoted her own lip gloss, reading,

"Make sure you’re 𝒦𝑒𝑒𝓅𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓊𝓅 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 Trixie Cosmetics by giving us a follow ;)"

It was tagged with #supportsmallbusinesses and #glossgate.

Mattel is not the first to make something heart-shaped, and as of now she does not plan on taking any real legal action. However, fans of Jenner are still disappointed, some claiming the whole ordeal is "tacky", with others going as far as to say Jenner is driving LGBTQ+ fans away.

Jenner and her team have yet to comment on the situation.

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