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Into solving crimes from your couch? We've got two series that are just for you. Here's this week's Hollywood True Crime!

The Oxygen network is devoting an entire week to serial killer stories, beginning with a new two hour special on the catching of serial killer, Bruce McArthur.

McArthur is one of the most prolific serial killers in Canadian history, causing eight men to go missing in Toronto between 2010-2017.

It's a complicated story, both during the investigation and after McArthur's capture, with race and sexuality issues coming to the forefront of Toronto culture as a result of these murders.

Celebrity Page sat down with Inspector Hank Idsinga, who worked on the McArthur case... most notably the investigation known as Project Prism.

"We addressed it a couple of times as the investigation was unfolding... these hookups via these dating apps, and these dating sites", Idsinga said.

The show is hoping to teach viewers the red flags when they're putting themselves in vulnerable positions, particularly on dating apps.

"Anonymously hooking up with somebody and putting yourself in a vulnerable position, really not knowing who you're dealing with or who you're trusting your life to."

Catching A Serial Killer: Bruce McArthur premieres April 11th on Oxygen.

Stephanie Bauer's New True Crime Podcast 🎙

Speaking of Oxygen, Stephanie Bauer is expanding on her true crime TV specials with a brand new podcast!

"They gave me the opportunity to host this podcast based off some of the documentaries that have already been done, so it was just a perfect fit. These stories that we're doing are really told from beginning to end. It starts as a mystery, but they're so well done that it really brings you through the story with all the information. You can then go on and watch our full length documentaries on the digital channel, 'Real Stories,' so that's what makes this very unique with our true crime podcast," Bauer said.

Real Stories Tapes: True Crime with Stephanie Bauer is available now on all podcast platforms.

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