One-On-One: Stevie Baggs Jr. Chats 'Ruthless' & Working With Tyler Perry In Camp Quarantine | CPTV
The former NFL player is now focusing his time on his big acting roles!

Stevie's Breakthrough Role On 'Ruthless' 📺

Stevie Baggs Jr. started his career on television as an NFL player and bachelor contestant on WE tv's Match Made In Heaven.

Now, the star is turning his attention to big-time acting roles, including his latest as "Oliver" on Tyler Perry's Ruthless.

Ricky Cornish hopped on Zoom to chat with Stevie all about his time in "Camp Quarantine" and working with the mogul!

"To work with TP (Tyler Perry) was tremendous. We shot 30 episodes in two weeks. He gets it out... he's content king. He directed every single scene. Right now, as far as the show is going, Oliver is in a conundrum, as his significant other has just been taken away," Baggs Jr. said.

You can watch Stevie's journey as Oliver in new episodes of Ruthless, every Thursday on BET+.

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