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Fans of Breaking Bad know Dean Norris as Hank, but he's now winning over audiences in his comedy series, United States of Al.

Dean channels his real-life fatherly instincts as "Art" on the CBS hit show.

"It's exactly what I wanted to do... to do something completely different. Chuck Lorre had actually been a fan of 'Breaking Bad,' so he cast me in 'The Big Bang Theory,' which was the first time I was on a sitcom. When this script became available and I was available, he called and said,
'Hey, check out this role.'
I guess it worked out okay! It's almost like a new craft... doing a sitcom," Norris said.

It's paying off! CBS recently greenlit a second season for United States of Al.

"I think we set up a whole bunch of really interesting relationships that we get to explore. We have our problems, but through a common love and kindness, we somehow can make it through this world. It's been a blast to explore and I look forward to continue doing that."

United States of Al airs Thursday nights on CBS.

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