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This year has been anything but ordinary which leaves Christmas as a highly anticipated and well deserved time for everyone. For some, it's the peak of their work hustle. We want to give thanks to the US Postal workers as they help Santa!

Delivering thousands of packages each night, you could say Santa is sort of a role model for USPS workers as he delivers millions in just a few hours.

He doesn't do it alone! Santa gets lots of help from postal workers putting in extra hours delivering letters to the north pole, sending holiday cards cross country, and shipping gifts just in time for the big day.

This year, even YOU can help Santa and the postal workers with "Operation Santa."

Check it out!

Santa receives SO MANY letters each year, he's invited you to help respond to them. You can visit uspsoperationsanta.com where you can adopt a letter and respond with some Christmas cheer.

We at Celebrity Page give special thanks to USPS and its workers this holiday season!

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Peaky Blinders

The award winning and massively popular BBC drama series Peaky Blinders will reportedly be coming to an end after the sixth season, which is currently in production.

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I'm Thinking of Ending Things

As a film student/nerd, I consume a lot of entertainment. As a film student/nerd in a pandemic, I consume an unhealthy amount of entertainment. Since my parents, sister, girlfriend, friends, pets, and and the cashier at my local taco spot are all tired of hearing me talk about all the things I watch, I've decided to write it all out for you to enjoy. Here's an album, movie, tv show, and video game you should check out this week!