Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi Bennett have revealed pictures of their baby daughter, Olympia Lightning.

The Announcement 

Olympia Lightning was born on May 17. However, the couple was not the one to originally announce her birth - that was done by Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness.

Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett didn't share any photos or even the baby's name until Tuesday, when they shared the name on Instagram and Twitter.

Bolt revealed the exciting news on Instagram in a birthday post to Bennett, saying:

"We have started a new chapter together with our daughter Olympia Lightning Bolt."

Fellow Olympic medalist Serena Williams (and mother of daughter Alexis Olympia born in 2017) gushed at the news on Twitter, saying that she approves of the name.

Baby Name Wizard defined the name Olympia meaning "of Mt. Olympus," the home of the gods in Greek mythology, and can also mean "heavenly." The name comes from the same root word as the Olympic games.

In addition to the play on words, "Lightning Bolt" is also a frequent nickname for Usain given his multiple world records in sprint events.

With a name like that, it won't be any surprise if Olympia Lightning Bolt takes the world by storm.

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