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The cast may be feeling nostalgic, but Van Helsing is going out with a bang!

The horror genre is losing a gem as Van Helsing fans prepare for the upcoming series finale.

"I'm excited to see the reaction of the viewers once they get to watch the final two episodes. I will definitely be looking on twitter this year and reading what everybody has to say about this season," Nicole Muñoz said.

After five seasons, the cast is also feeling a bit sentimental as they close this special chapter.

"You turn around and five years have gone by and things coming to a close and you definitely get a little bit nostalgic. This is goodbye to all these people who have become, kinda, family," Jonathan Scarfe said.
"Well, knowing that it was the final season we had the liberty of being able to follow the mythology from the four seasons prior and really give a conclusion to it. You know something's gonna go down," Tricia Helfer said.

Don't miss the final season of Van Helsing airing Friday nights on SyFy.

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