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It's been nearly four decades since Pat Sajak and Vanna White took their first spin!

In celebration of the show's 39th season, Rachel Smith caught up with Vanna White on how grateful she is for all the Wheel of Fortune success.

In her interview with Rachel, Vanna was masked up, following the guidelines of the Vegas casino she was in. The star still made sure to flash her famous white smile at the camera, showing us just how truly happy her work on Wheel of Fortune has made her, Pat, and fans of the show.

"We have started our 39th season of 'Wheel of Fortune' and it's thanks to all our wonderful and loyal viewers out there that have kept us going, so thanks to all of you who keep watching and enjoying our show, we wouldn't be here without you," White said.

Vanna also opened up on the incredible journey she's been on since day one.

"I count my blessings that we have been able to be on the air for this long and 'Wheel of Fortune' has been so successful for so long, and I just, I pinch myself because I still love what I do. I love my job, I love being associated with 'Wheel of Fortune', and it's my life and it brings me happiness, and I hope it brings a lot of other people happiness too,"

While speaking with Vanna, Rachel made sure to get the inside scoop about what it's been like working with Pat Sajak for nearly 40 years. Rachel asked Vanna if Pat has any secret talents and hidden abilities that she's gotten to know over the years.

"He is, he is funnier than you realize. He really is so funny and so quick, he should have his own comedic show, he's that funny," White said.

Don't miss out on all the laughs and love! The iconic duo can be caught in action for their 39th season, weeknights on ABC.

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