The construction of Circa began in February 2019 and only two years later the record-breaking casino and resort now is officially built, with portions of the building already open for guests in Las Vegas.

A New Era of Las Vegas

According to Circa Resort & Casino CEO Derek Stevens, the two floors of casino and world-renowned restaurants are not the only benefit to the opening of the new casino and resort.

Stevens stated,

"Being able to bring in 1500 new jobs, that's pretty overwhelming to some degree."

Record-Breaking Sportsbook

Circa Casino & Resort now holds the slot for the world's largest sportsbook with an enormous screen playing live footage of various sporting events, three stories worth of height, and 78 million pixels.

Nevada's Longest Indoor Bar

As if the sportsbook wasn't enough, Circa also had to claim the position of Nevada's longest indoor bar, previously located in Goldsfield, Nevada.

According to Circa's Instagram page, Mega Bar spans 165 feet, has 53 spots available for seating, 46 double-stacked televisions and 120 beer taps with a rotating selection.

Lot of Room for Fun

Circa provides 1.25 million square feet of fun, including their historic Stadium Swim.

Stadium Swim provides their 21+ guests with this rooftop scene containing six pools and swim-up bars.

Circa plans to reveal the hotel rooms in December, but with certain restaurants and features of the resort and casino already open for business, fans can choose to get a sneak peek now.

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