One-On-One: Victoria Rowell Talks 'The Rich & The Ruthless' Season Four | Celebrity Page
The soap icon is steering the ship behind her latest projects!

Victoria Rowell is beyond a triple threat... she's a mogul!

The star created, produced and stars in The Rich and the Ruthless, which is based on her own novels about life behind the scenes of a fictional soap opera.

"It was the fans that really encouraged me [to] just create [my] own soap opera! Boy, have the fans come through! #LoyalFans," Rowell said.

The show is now in its fourth season and it picks up after a dramatic season three finale involving a cruise gone wrong.

"It is so incredible... season four... because talk about a cliffhanger! Who survived? Who didn't want to sign the contract? You're not going to sign the contract? We bumped you up $20! You're not going to sign?!"

Overall, Rowell hoping fans can escape into a different world and explore a creative side.

"Break out the champagne. Put on too much makeup and jewelry. Have fun!"

The Rich and the Ruthless is streaming now on BET+.

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