Chelsea Rendon Talks About The New Season Of 'Vida' On STARZ! | Celebrity Page

Chelsea Rendon, who plays Marisol on STARZ's Vida dishes with Celebrity Page senior correspondent Arthur Kade about the show's final season and why you should start binging the series.

Why You Should Start Streaming 'Vida'

"There's definitely a lot more drama. There's definitely a lot more rawr as I like to say. 'Vida' is a very sexy show that is about family, culture, acceptance, LGBTQ, gentrification...I actually say it's like the Latina version of 'Shameless.'"

Activism In Hollywood

"I was an activist in my own way because I had been so vocal about supporting the brown community in Hollywood and supporting everybody's in that sense, I feel like I have a little bit of her in me."

On the Reaction from the Latin Community 

"Everybody feels so seen and that's the most beautiful thing is that...I'm really touching somebody by just existing on the screen and then I think also the LGBTQ community is very front and center and they're another community....that the visibility they feel with our show right now is amazing."

You can stream all seasons of Vida right now on STARZ!

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