Jasmine Roth

Have you ever started a home improvement project only to realize 30 seconds in, that you had no idea what you were doing? Six months later you still were without a working bathroom or kitchen? That's where Jasmine Roth comes in. The HGTV star has a brand new show called: Help! I Wrecked My House.

Besides having the best title of any TV series, she also has the best personality and the tips for helping homeowners who are in way over their heads. Below is our brand new interview with the star...

Help! I Wrecked My House on HGTV

"The name of the show is exactly what every single person says who is on the show. And they go: help! I wrecked my house!"

Roth shot the new series while she was pregnant with her (now newborn) daughter Hazel. She shared a special 'post-pregnancy' moment with Celebrity Page during our interview:

"It's unlike anything else that's on HGTV. So I'm really excited about it. And I'm excited to kind of relive my pregnancy. It's gonna be weird to watch it cuz I'm not pregnant anymore. I'm actually wearing jeans today. That is the big news! This is my first day wearing jeans since I had a baby!"

Look for the premiere of Help! I Wrecked My House this Saturday September 12th on HGTV.

Emmy Nomination For A Very Brady Renovation [BONUS VIDEO]

Roth isn't just celebrating her new show, she's also celebrating a big Emmy nomination! Roth was one of the HGTV stars who worked with the cast of The Brady Bunch on last year's hit show: A Very Brady Renovation.

She along with the Scott brothers and the Brady kids, took over the home that was shown on the tv series as the 'exterior' setting. Then re-modeling the 'interior' to look like the sets from the show.

Now the series has been nominated for: Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

In this (above) bonus clip, Roth tells Celebrity Page about how excited she was to learn about the Emmy nomination and about how working on the Brady show, has actually impacted the way she now designs homes.

"It's inspired a lot of my design and it's changed the way I design as well. I'm definitely finding myself going back and leaning into the 70's more which I never thought would happen. But I've noticed parts of my design since then have the color palettes and even the woven rattan and that kind of stuff".
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