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Ed Asner is without a doubt one of the biggest Hollywood icons of all time. From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Up, Asner's career spans decades and genres all across the board. We connected with the star to talk about his life, lessons learned along the way, and more.

With the release of his memoir Son of a Junkman, Asner is opening up about his humble beginnings, getting his start, and finding longevity in the crazy world of entertainment. With eight Emmy Awards, an induction into TV Hall of Fame, and more, there is much to learn and hold dear when it comes to this legend.

Hailing from Kansas City, Asner came from a humble roots, where his father was a junkman. The star tells us about how he ultimately ended up in Hollywood.

"...I worked at jobs after I dropped out of college, put myself out there as an actor and made my rounds in New York, moved to California and never looked back."

One of Asner's claims to fame is The Mary Tyler Moore Show, where he and the rest of the cast pushed the boundaries for what is possible in a TV show. From Mary Tyler Moore to Betty White, Anser helped pave the way for Hollywood's most iconic women. Fast forward to 2020, Anser gave us a sarcastic and playful update on his relationship with Betty White:

"She never calls, she never sends cookies or anything...Bull! Bull! She ain't done a damn thing for me."

More recently, audiences might recognize Ansner as Santa in Elf and Carl in Up. These films have given him the chance to connect with a new generation of fans, and he shared with us what made Up so special in particular:

"It's a perfect story. You're crying after ten minutes into the film, you'll never smile again, and by the end of the movie you're peeing your pants. Feel good time, isn't it? And that's what makes me celebrate.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Anser's autobiography Son of a Junkman for more insight into this entertainment icon.

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